Trauma in the Sky

1067 CE - Early Spring

“A cathedral to the god of theives and trickery?” Torn whispered. “Profane, that’s all it is. A mockery.” He said to his neighbors quietly. In truth the temple was to all gods, though it really was barely a temple in the strictest of senses. Torn was accompanied by three others. They all were wearing brown wool robes. A keen eye could see a dagger adorned Torn’s belt. No one seemed to pay any mind.

Bards had been doing especially well at cathedrals these days. Strange people gathered in a place like this. It was a good place to disappear from the world for awhile.

That was this group’s intention anyway.

Kazag got the short straw with this one. He was the big one, a head and then some higher than most others here, he looked down on this man. Torn was large in his own right, but he was slouching against a wall. He was sore from battle, and it showed. Fresh wounds still bled through rags on his left hand, this man was a warrior. The other two priests kept their heads down, but they knew their role, and they got the long straws after all. They just get to drink, eat, enjoy the entertainers, and then get out.

“The queen has been murdered. This was her last order. Here is advanced funds. Take them and go. We can’t be seen together.” With that Torn got up quickly, and handed several scrolls to Kazag. Torn left quickly after that.

Kazag knew it wouldn’t be wise to try to read these here. “The Tavern?”

The other two in robes nodded.



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