Trauma in the Sky

1067 CE (Common Era), Spring following the second acidic winter of the Orion Kingdom.

It has been nearly two years since the decimation of Orion City. After the black dragon was released, much of the city was immediately destroyed, the dragons escape carved a large crater in what used to be the guild district. Those who didn’t die in the initial destruction we’re met with a different home city. Disease, famine, and riots followed the disaster. The desire to find someone to blame has fueled conflicts which are still on going.

The peoples apprehension of magic has grown stronger than ever. The destruction of the city has been seen by some as an affirmation that man has meddled with the laws of nature too much. Local cleric guilds saw it first with people avoiding their services. Many alchemists have closed shop and entertainers are exercising more caution when they practice their trade.

Since the release of the dragon, world relations have progressed further than in any time in history. New knowledge about other worlds now exists, foreign lands with odd climates.

This is where our story begins..

Trauma in the Sky

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