Trauma in the Sky

Caravan and Log

This log is torn from a larger log book, most of the contents of which were destroyed in an acid incident

We’ve been traveling for for 8 days. We’re still a little weary from the acid shower two days ago. Little Talbert was almost killed. It was a good thing Lord Horus agreed to hire those warriors. They’re an odd couple. One seems to have lost all of his color… though it may just as likely be he never had any color to start. The other one, ‘Shteal’, he’s hard to look at. It’s like looking in a mirror, almost surreal.

Today has been eerie on it’s own as well. The winds have died down, no animals are in sight. Hunting has been terrible, and the horses are acting up. We’re watching out for anything, people talk of dragons, but they forget the real danger on the roads, bandits, swindlers, gnomes and tricksters. We should be cautious. Raster is still awhile away.

We should be coming up on Rust Tide soon. There will be less than a days travel when we see the red sands.



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